The things you never knew … about ME


June 8, 2020

A few things you may not know about me! For the most part I am an open book. If you want to know something about me or have questions I will without hesitation tell you. I thought I would share a few things about me:  


My singing voice has been recorded on multiple CD’s

Seriously, I know that many of you are thinking “No, way!” Am I a good singer you might be asking and the answer to that is … no, not really! I grew up in a large family and my Dad is an amazing musician. He lives and breathes music so it became a huge part of our upbringing. We had a recording studio in our home and would often raise money for our church by producing religious music. My siblings are all very musically talented. My brother still gift us every Christmas a CD that they recorded together it’s one of the most treasured gifts every year!

I could live on popcorn alone

I’ll take any flavor popcorn! Some people have a bowl of ice cream for dessert or once the kids are in bed they’ll sneak some brownies. Don’t get me wrong those are all amazing things but if popcorn was an option that’s what I would go for every time! … BRB I am going to go make some popcorn!

I forget movies! 

Ok not movies necessarily but TV shows hand down yes! I know This sounds weird I know but there are many shows where I completely forget “what happens next”. It all looks familiar but I won’t remember who the bad guy is or the climax of the episode. In my defense I very rarely sit and watch a show because evenings are when I get the majority of my work accomplished so my mind is really only half watching (if that). But this little trick that my mind does has its perks and disadvantages. It’s great because I repeat some of my favorite shows and can still be surprised about how it ends! It gets rough when I accidentally finish a show I was watching with Jack and spoil it for him. 

I sing constantly (but 90% of the time I don’t know I am)

I am often told that I sing all the time. Now this may take you back to what I said early and again the answer is no I’m not a great singer (not even decent). When my brain is feeling full I often just sing. Not songs but the things running through my head or even what I am doing …

ex: “It’s tiiiimme to wash the dishessss and then we will have clean dishesssss! (imagine that sung in a weird pitch as I am standing in a dirty kitchen)

I hate spiderman

Come on I can’t be the only one out there who thinks this person is way overused?  I know this is petty but I just don’t like this character. I have absolutely no reason why. It makes life a little harder in our house since I have one little boy who loves him. So I gotta play it cool but for some odd reason it pinches all my nerves! I mean Captain America is waaaay better right??

I love westerns especially John Wayne

We use go over to my grandmas house as kids and we would watch every John Wayne movie there was (those and Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals). But what made all those westers so amazing was that my Papa looked just like John Wayne. He passed away when I was a child so the memory of his face is a little blurry but even as an adult when I watch John Wayne my heart flutters and I feel as if I am watching my Pa on-screen and sitting on an old couch as my grandma makes turkey and mayo sandwiches! 

I have 9 siblings!

Yup there were 10 kids living under one roof with my parents! Can you imagine my mom with all the little people talking all at the same time and my dad singing and playing music 24/7? Yes she is a living saint! Our house was always loud and there was always something going on somewhere in our home. There are six girls and four boys, I am towards the top at number 4! Currently, there are six of us who are married, one who is in the process of becoming a priest, two more who are engaged, and my youngest little sister is finishing up college! I love them all more than anyone can ever know! 

I am the worst speller 

This is one of my biggest weaknesses!! Ok, that might be an overreaction but spelling has always been one of my greatest struggles. I’m super thankful technology is around to help me. It gets more difficult when my 9-year-old walks in and asks me to spell a simple word … my response is always “Let’s sound it out. Can you try and spell it first?” This will at least buy me some time to try and figure out how it’s actually spelled!  

I am a homeschooled child! 

I was homeschooled from 6th grace to 8th grade. I went to a private Catholic school prior to homeschooling and ended up going to a public high school (not in the best area so I’m glad I had a good foundation). Overall I’d say I had a very rounded education … a tase of everything. There were pros and cons at every stage but I think it made me truly see the big picture and I hope that I can pass on the good to my kids. 

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