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June 3, 2020

These tools are the ones I use almost every single day in my business.  They have simplified my systems, helped me manage a professional brand, and they’ve changed the way I work at the back end of my business. These programs and apps are a staple in taking the stress out of it all! I want to work smarter so that I show up and serve my people the best way possible. 


Issuu is a digital publishing platform. You can start with a Free version and pay for a subscription once you fall in love. I use this platform to import client resource books. (Wedding guides, Family session guides, What to wear guides, etc.) I can create something that looks beautiful via photoshop or even Canva but this allows me to share it with a client and keep that beautiful professional look I am striving for! 


If This Then That! This isn’t anything pretty but this simple app will help you navigate multiple social media platforms at one time! This is a FREE way to get your apps and devices talking to each other. You can post an image in one place and have it be seen everywhere! Tasks that required multiple steps or continuously logging into services can be done automatically! That’s a huge time saver!


Flodesk is an email marking platform! The templates look amazing on both mobile and desktop. The platform has all the same bells and whistles but without the clutter. Not only that, but it feels cleaner, less distracting, and a lot less scary. I’m not going to lie to you – if you are a visual person like me, you will love this. These are a few reasons why I love it: 

  1. Free email templates: These are perfect if you don’t know what to send to your list. You need inspiration and want to send something pretty in the next hour. They are pre-formatted, and all the heavy lifting has been done for you. 
  2. Free landing pages: No need to install 3rd party apps to make your landing page look fab. They are right here and made for you. Easy Peasy!
  3. Ready-made sequences: Wondering what to send in your Welcome sequence, your sales sequence, or even just to get to know your list. They also have beautiful free templates for those too.
  4. Can you segment your list: Yes, you can. Perfect for those of us juggling two or more different lists of sign-ups.
  5. Automation is also included: I was able to create an email to deliver my freebie in moments and then follow up with my “Welcome series.” 

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This app has a few different pricing options from FREE – $23 a month based on what level of services you need. This app is a life changer and has changed the amount of time I spend working on social media and worth every penny! This is an app where you can plan out your Instagram posts in advance. You simply import your photos and you can drag them in the most aesthetically pleasing layout. (That’s not my favorite part) The selling feature in this is that you can type your captions, create hashtags, and schedule when these will post well in advance! Ha! I almost never write and post at the same time and this has allowed me to batch my work and end up spending less time creating and more time serving! On top of all of this, they have some incredible performance analytics that will show you your top-performing posts and hashtags.

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You may know already that I am a huge, huge fan of HoneyBook! Its business model simplifies everything in the world of running a small business. We all want to work smarter not harder right?  Honeybook lets me easily handle inquiries, it keeps all my proposals, contracts, email template organized (and pretty looking). It lets me easily collect payments and handle multiple meeting requests. I can sign up new clients and collect a deposit all from my phone! 

If you sign up for HoneyBook with my link, you can save 50% on your annual plan. Yay!



Trust me I am not judging you for the amount of time you are on your phone so don’t hate this suggestion but you need this one! It’s super simple and FREE. This app will track how much time you are spending on your phone! You will be shocked when you first find out how many times you open your phone or how many hours you are wasting starting at that small little screen! You will get reminders on your usage and I suggest setting up boundaries to keep yourself in check! You could even upgrade the app to put limits on your screen and add reminders to log off! I spend a lot of work on my phone but this app helps me focus on work and get off to get back to LIFE! Less phone. More real life. 

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